patio with furniture and lights

What Is the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio?

The days may be getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself indoors. Instead, you can make the most of your outdoor space with a patio enhanced by a variety of lighting options. Before calling a Montgomery County patio company to transform your backyard, consider these landscape, accent, and safety lighting options to brighten your space and set the perfect mood.

Light the Way

Help guests and loved ones find their way safely to your patio with path lighting. These soft landscape lights brighten the walkway, stepping stones, or driveway to highlight their beauty while also making visibility easier. The lights are installed in the ground and can be used to create a trail from your back door to patio or patio to another feature, such as a fountain or garden.

String It Up

A popular lighting option for the patio is string lights. These lights give off a soft glow that creates an intimate, welcoming atmosphere. Homeowners especially enjoy string lights when entertaining guests, and they can boost feelings of peace and comfort during special events.

With so many options, you can easily find a string of lights that complements your patio decor and elicits the mood you desire. Be sure to choose weather-resistant and rechargeable battery-operated or solar-powered outdoor string lights with LED bulbs so that you do not need an extension cord and so they remain safe if they get wet from the rain.

Put a Spotlight on It

Is your patio surrounded by tall trees, or does it contain ornamental features? Consider making these features pop with spotlights (or up lighting). Spotlighting is used to showcase a single element in your landscape.

You can choose bullet lights with an adjustable head to illuminate tall objects or well lights for shorter objects, such as flowers or figures in your garden. These outdoor LED lights will add depth to your yard at night.

Safer Is Always Better

If you’re thinking about spending more time on your outdoor patio after the sun goes down, it’s a good idea to consider safety and security lighting in addition to landscape and decorative lighting. Bright backyards will deter burglars and animals while also keeping your loved ones safe. 

Path lighting prevents tripping hazards, while floodlights on the siding of your home wash your backyard in wide beams of light to protect against thievery. Motion-sensing lights can add an extra layer of protection to your property, especially when you’re away, because they can trick burglars into thinking you’re home when you’re not.

Illuminating Your Outdoor Living Space

Finding the perfect outdoor lighting for your home and patio will depend on your specific vision and the current design of your backyard. If you’re unsure which lights will create a remarkable outdoor space, you can reach out to WJA Landscaping. In addition to designing a picture-perfect patio for your house, we can help install the best landscape lighting in your Collegeville, PA, backyard. Contact us today to discuss patio and lighting design ideas!