Backyard Patio Design Contractors

Most people do not take into account the amount of time that they spend in their backyard. As a patio contractor and designer, WJA Landscaping strives to help our clients in Collegeville, Limerick and the surrounding towns in Montgomery County & Chester County make full use of their own backyard patios. We are the most trusted paver in the area and our designs have already transformed hundreds of backyards into private paradises.

Patio Designs in Glenmoore, PA

You might enjoy going outside to barbecue with friends, relax after a long day of work or spend time with your family. Imagine how having a beautiful and functional backyard patio could enhance the time that you spend at your home in Glenmoore, PA, Gilbertsville, PA, Harleysville, PA, or other towns in Chester County or Montgomery County.

At WJA Landscaping, we understand the importance of designing and maintaining a patio around your home that adds to the appeal of your home rather than detracts from it. A patio’s design should be both professionally done, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our designs always integrate structural integrity with physical beauty.

Patio Paver Designs in Gilbertsville, PA

We would all like to have a place to call our own, a spot in the world where we can escape. But after you stand up and say, “This is mine and I can do with it what I want!” that statement is usually followed by, “Ok, what am I going to do and where do I start?” When you call WJA Landscaping for hardscaping projects like outdoor kitchens in Wayne, we can help you decide. Our patio designs will transform your backyard into something that is uniquely yours.

There are so many areas of the home to be upgraded and edited so that it will be a portrait of you, displaying your personality and style. But these traits and design elements are not limited to the interior of your home. Designing a space to enjoy on the home’s exterior is just as important and sometimes overlooked or undervalued. A good patio design can complete your home, extending your indoor space and style outside.

Patio Designs in Harleysville, PA

Over the years, we have completed hundreds of hardscaping projects in Chester Springs, Glenmoore, PA, Gilbertsville, PA, Harleysville, PA, and Chester County that we are very proud of. Click through the slideshow below to view samples of our past designs. You can use these images as inspiration for your backyard transformation. Keep in mind that WJA Landscaping is not just a standard-issue contractor and paver. We are also artists who love unique designs and creative challenges, so whatever idea you have for your outdoor living space, we will work with you to realize it.

Click through the slideshow below to view samples of our work.