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Patio Upgrades You Should Make This Summer

Summer’s almost here, but is your patio ready? Many people tend to avoid planning parties, barbecues, or other backyard-centric events out of shame or embarrassment when they feel like their patios are looking a little worse for the wear. 

Stop waiting to use your space and start enjoying the weather — it’s time to be proud of your patio this year! Patio landscaping is a great project for any homeowner since many improvements are small and easy for anyone to accomplish. Ready to get your DIY on? Here are a few patio upgrades you should consider making this summer.

Fresh Furniture

It’s time to toss the dingy plastic chairs, splintering wooden stools, and other ancient artifacts that have been sitting out on your patio since time began. That’s right — one of the best patio improvements you can make is to upgrade your patio furniture! Quality outdoor furniture that matches your home decor increases your property’s curb appeal and provides guests with someplace to sit and relax. Tired of babysitting furniture cushions in case of rain? Now’s the time to invest in patio furniture with completely waterproof cushions or look into furniture built to be comfortable without cushions. 

Lots of Lights

An easy and inexpensive project to upgrade your patio is to add lighting that makes the space feel comfortable. White string lights are often sold for low prices at hardware stores but don’t feel limited to traditional lighting styles. If you prefer a pop of color, you can utilize holiday lights to create a unique look or use bulb-style outdoor lighting to give your patio an “industrial” feel. 

Let’s Get Cooking!

Are you one of the many homeowners with an outdoor grill shamefully shoved into the back of your yard or under a tarp in your garage? It’s time to bust out that old grill and clean it off because even an old, beat-up grill can make for a serious patio upgrade! If you don’t have a grill already, they’re a fantastic way to beef up (pun intended) your patio game. Not a fan of burgers and franks but still love to cook outdoors? A pizza oven can take your patio from ordinary to extraordinary! 

While your preferred cooking appliance doesn’t have to be set on the patio itself, having it near your patio lets you feed hungry hordes all summer long. If you intend to eat outside (and with your upgraded patio, you have no reason not to), make sure your seating area has tables, too, so people have a place to put their plates and drinks.

Family Fireplace

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors toasting marshmallows, telling spooky stories, or just watching the pretty flames of a campfire? A fire pit might be your path to patio greatness. Fire pits can be made in any size to fit your space and instantly add a cozy, intimate feel to any backyard. Just make sure you know your local laws about fire on your property before you start setting things ablaze. 

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